Architectural Mosaics

   Endless possibilities for magic; design within reach for fountains, swimming pools, fireplaces, entry courtyards, sinks, kitchen back splashes and baths...   Mosaics  may either be fabricated and installed on-site, or created in the studio on panels or other backing and then transported to the site for  installation.  

Art Glass

 The etched glass  and stained glass designs are created in studio and then installed on site, usually without disturbing the glass already there.  Light and surface interplay, designs enhancing the light; entry windows, french doors, tables, cabinet doors and shower enclosures to name a few applications.

Landscape Design

  A joyous dance of plants, stone, water, and art.  Outdoor rooms and backyard escapes.

Interior Design

Interior Design projects throughout the southwest.

Innovative fireplace design.

Residential and commercial interiors.

Fabric Reliefs

   Dimensional and textural designs; fabric, suede, metal, wood. Applications include room and office dividers and wall surfaces adding  acoustical properties. Fabric wall reliefs are created in pieces in studio and then installed on location.

Mixed Media

  Expressions in texture; handmade paper, bark cloth, pastel and acrylic.

Specialties and Services

 Architectural Mosaics and Fountains 

 Swimming Pool Mosaics

Landscape and Design 

Garden Art and Sculpture 

Etched and Stained Glass for Architectural Installations

Liturgical Art 

Mixed Media Panels

Fabric Wall Reliefs  


Fireplace Design

Interior Design


Enhance and Expand by Design

 Theresa uses her background as an artist and designer to integrate art and environment as she creates vibrant one-of-a-kind installations for residences, offices, commercial buildings and public spaces.  Her process is hands-on, from the initial meeting with the client, through the design and installation of the art and landscape and interior projects. Theresa collaborates with her clients  and architects every step of the way to be sure that the design and execution is exactly right, on time and on budget, and she supervises the final installation to ensure that the project is completed in a workmanlike manner.  

 Her application of imagination, skill and talent to each assignment results in a finished project that is an authentic reflection of her vision and expertise. 

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We would love to hear from you. Consultations for architectural art, landscape design and interior design are available. 


     Ginita Wall, San   Diego, CA.......      Theresa Bernhardt is truly a gem. She has designed art, fabric reliefs, windows and water and landscape features for three of my homes and two offices. The visual impact of her art is stunning, and garners many compliments from visitors. More than ornamental, her work it becomes a defining spirit that integrates seamlessly with the environment.   

Mary and Ed Smith, San Diego, CA.... We are really loving our new space.  The mornings are unbelievable.  A yellow butterfly has been flitting around the water lilies all morning.  You have created such a beautiful space for us.     

Candace Bahr, Carlsbad,  CA.......      What is unique about Terri Bernhardt is that she is an artist first. She has the ability to look at the ordinary shell of a tract home and create an extraordinary work of art out of it. We gave Terri a general idea of the feel we wanted and Terri, as an artist, applied a creative eye to every thing we asked her to do. She created a  mosaic for the entry floor, a beautiful fireplace design, etched glass windows along the stairwell that are completely unique. With creative artwork and plant selection, she designed a garden in the back that echoes the interior design and is also easy to maintain. Terri has combined her many talents to create a wonderful ambiance for us.     

Carol and Bob Hamilton, San Diego, CA ..........       It is with confidence that we write this recommendation for Terri Bernhardt. We have known Terri for 4 years professionally and personally. She is a talented, creative designer and artist.  When we decided to upgrade the front entrance to our home, we called upon Terri to design a plan. She listened to our ideas and was sensitive to our taste. The design reflected our wish for a wall mosaic in muted tones with a complementary fountain as well as tiles around the front door and windows. Terri not only designed the plan for the area, but she cut and set the tiles herself! She then suggested plantings that would thrive in shade and complement the area. Terri is flexible, has a wide range of talent for both interior and exterior design and is unfailingly honest. We truly enjoy working with her. 

Barbara & Larry Sandberg, Carlsbad, CA .......   Larry and I have known Terri for over 7 years both personally and professionally.She has designed and transformed the dull front entry way of our home to a beautiful one- of-a-kind treasure. The results were even more spectacular than we had hoped for. Terri views each project whether it be landscape design or interior design as a three dimensional canvas, combining her vision with her client’s taste and personality. During the entire project, she handled all of the details with all the various contractors.I would highly recommend Terri for any landscape or interior design project.      

 Lou Miranda, San Diego, CA........       Terri interviewed us to get an idea of what we were looking for. A week later, she brought us some wonderful ideas that captured our thoughts. We didn't know what we wanted but we knew we wanted our house to look different from anything in the area.  And it does - Terri brought us ideas we had never thought about.  In her design, she changed the walkway and created a lush landscape. Inside, she used her marvelous sense of colors to create something totally different and it just flows. In the kitchen, we gave her some latitude and we asked only that she make it very artistic so that no one could duplicate what we had. And that is exactly what she did.       

Ron and Cindy Parks, Ramona, CA.......We have had the opportunity of working with Terri several times over the past years, both on interior and exterior projects. She has proven resourceful and diligent in all her undertakings. Not only is she creative and talented, but also her experience and vision are invaluable in undertaking any project. Her ability to blend colors, fabrics and a wide range of other mediums is expressed through her capacity as a genuine artist and designer.  We have recommend Terri to our family and friends, of which she has also now become a part of.