I am intrigued by textures and form as they relate to the light around them. I create to capture  visual insights,  digest them with my impressions of the moment,  and then wrap the surface with a fresh new skin.

My insight and vision has evolved over time, beginning thirty years ago when I visited the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, B.C.  The building, designed by Canadian architect Arthur Erickson, is a perfect blending of light and form, and it set off a creative explosion that is still alive in my work today.

Over the years, my creativity has taken many forms. Fresh out of college, I was commissioned to illustrate a children's book, The Night the Crayons Talked by author Vick Knight Jr.

Working as a VISTA volunteer in the early 70's, I designed a community park  and helped begin a rural health clinic for migrant farm workers.

Since the early eighties, I have worked as a visual artist and designer, utilizing my artwork into design schemes created for interiors and exteriors of  my residential and commercial clients.  I now live and work in San Diego area.  My work is installed in medical offices, hotels, banks, restaurants and lounges, churches and synagogues, public buildings and private homes throughout California, New Mexico, Texas, and Oregon.

Terri Bernhardt